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Beauty Slayaz

PowaHauz Remedy Oil

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Infused with the most highly effective organic herbs and essential oils to protect, treat, grow, and to help maintain healthy hair. For all hair types, whether natural or relaxed, and can even be used to treat common disorder and diseases of the hair and scalp.

This oil is great for the following:

Itchy scalp

Dry scalp


Frizzy hair



Androgenetic alopecia

Inflammation of the scalp

Fungal infections on the scalp



 Benefits of the oil:

Promotes hair growth, prevent fungal infections, control split inarcissist, conditions your hair, deeply nourishes your scalp, accelerates your hair growth, controls dandruff, strengthens your hair roots, treats lice problems, gives your hair a smoother texture, seals the natural keratin of your hair strands, revitalize your scalp by nourishing your hair roots, protects your hair against heat damage, promotes faster and thicker hair growth, improve blood circulation in your scalp fights hair loss, treats weak and brittle hair, strengthens your hair follicles moisturize your scalp and hair promotes rich hair growth, reduces hair breakage, repairs your damaged scalp and hair tissues.


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